Post apocalyptic caffeination

I’m at the day job this morning, drinking my once-a-day cup of coffee, and wondering how in the world I would ever learn to live without caffeine after the apocalypse.

This is not a new thought, it’s actually been a constant worry of mine in my zombie preparations.  Coffee doesn’t grow well in the United States.  Even if I did find some seeds, it takes five or six years for the bushes to start to produce.  Then there’s the whole “art of roasting” thing.

Now, I am well aware that coffee, properly stored, can last a very very long time.  Instant coffee, sealed in a light proof container can, in fact, be stored indefinitely.  But how long will it last before its all gone?  This morning, the thought of life without caffeine… ugh.

And on that note, I’m off to work on the next chapter of What Zombies Fear.


One thought on “Post apocalyptic caffeination

  1. Be the most richest man in the world by growing your own coffee beans!

    I don’t know how I will function without coffee come z-day… I will be one constantly pissed off dude with a 8lb sledge hammer….

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