Writing day!

Today is a writing day.  These are the good days!

We’re throwing the first-of-the-season deck party tomorrow.  For those of you (both of you that read) who don’t know, last spring i built a huge deck in my back yard.  Well, my brother (Marshall is his first name, but everyone calls him by his middle name Blaine) and I did.  It’s 20 feet wide x 24 feet deep.  I built it specifically to have friends over, hang out and enjoy some beverages.

The problem is, I have three projects going inside the house, and the yard is a wreck.  So I spent all day yesterday completing the most visible project, refinishing all of the kitchen cabinets.  Yesterday I got five cabinets taken apart, sanded, and primer on all  of them.  Tonight I paint, reassemble, and replace the old hardware with new.   Then I have to mow the grass (which may happen first, daylight issues!) and figure out why my leaf blower won’t start.

*2 hours later*

Just finished the new theme for ZPI.  Or almost finished. it’s so close!
OK, now I’m really going to write.


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