Party Day

I probably won’t get any writing done today, so much to do!  Busy day at the day job, then I’m taking part of the afternoon off to get ready for the big shin-dig tonight.  I wish I’d had more time to prepare, but then it wouldn’t have been spontaneous.  Besides, you have to enjoy life while we can, once the zombies show up its unlikely we’ll have many more “Margarita Night On The Deck” parties.

Yesterday I wrote a pretty good size piece for Renee.  She hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from me lately, and that’s a terrible shame.  Renee is probably my favorite character to write.  Even more than Vic, who is entirely based on me.  One of the things I like best about writing Victor is that it’s easy.  I just have to think, “What would I do here.”  My favorite thing about Renee is that she’s almost the opposite of Victor.

Victor is a guy that doesn’t enjoy violence, but isn’t afraid to step up and fight for what he believes in.  He would rather face problems head on.  In my own life, the more I dread doing something I have to do, the more I want to go do it right now.  If I have to fire someone in my day job, I hate sitting around knowing that I have to do it.  The second I get the word from HR that I have to let someone go, I have to get it over with.  I don’t like to drag things out, and as I said above, Victor is based entirely on me.  “Once more into the breach!”

Renee on the other hand, is much more reserved.  She’ll weigh all the options.  She’s content to wait until the timing is right.   Renee is my real life sister’s middle name.  Renee had to survive in downtown Charlotte for a very long time, by herself with two small children.  She didn’t have the luxury of charging headfirst into a group of zombies, knowing her friends were behind her to bail her out.  She didn’t know she was immune, and didn’t have any special abilities.  She’s learned to be patient, slow, methodical, and calculated.  Remember that she spent three months filling up the gas tank of her truck, half a gallon here and there.  She’s patient.

One of the reasons I like this current chapter so much is because its forcing her to move quickly.  Her brothers and children are being held by people who have proven themselves to be violent.  She doesn’t know whether they’ll kill her children or mistreat them.


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