Complexity and Simplicity.

My life is complex.  I could write forty thousand words to explain it all in detail, with foot-notes and citations, a complete bibliography, and references, and it would still be very confusing for anyone not living it.  So you’ll just have to trust me.

I’m not saying my life is any different than yours, all of our lives are overly busy.  I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m drawn to zombies and post apocalyptic scenarios.  I yearn for a life where I am responsible for my own actions, and can make the decisions I feel like are important, rather than those that everyone else tells me to make.

I long for the simplicity of post apocalyptic life.  Is that insanity? Is that an oxymoron?  I think that’s the core of why zombie stories are so interesting to me.  Sure, you get up with the sun, work in your fields, tend to your livestock, shoot some zombies, live in a shack in constant fear of someone coming and taking your stuff.  But you are in charge.  If someone steals your goat, you handle the situation.  No lawyering up, no waiting on a court system that has no one’s best interest at heart.  No calling 911 and hoping that some guy just doing  a job with no real interest in the resolution to your car-break-in actually finds the guy who robbed you.

On the other hand, post apocalypse means back to the days of not having pizza or Chinese food delivered.  No Google, no cell phone with the entire summation of the knowledge of our species at our fingertips.  And no caffeinated beverages.

Is it worth it?  For me, today, yes.  Tomorrow? who knows.


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