A lazy day

It was a pretty easy day today.  Went into the office for a couple of hours, made a pot of tortilla soup, swept the deck (A twice daily chore in the spring) and surfed a lot of blogs.

I got into an interesting debate over what factors in to Amazon’s ranking of books with another author.  I love to debate.  I don’t even need to be right, I’ll still debate just to make you prove it.  Its a character flaw in me.  So, this author said a bunch of stuff that I don’t believe is true, and I proceeded to bury him in 3239802389012 referenced articles and 247 metric tons of my own observation, documented with excel spreadsheets, flowcharts, and historical data.

Apparently I’ve been known to indulge in debate overkill.  I didn’t mean anything by it.  I have this insatiable need to prove my point.

What I didn’t do was write today.  But I’m about to go fix that!


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