I love sundays!

Was a productive rainy sunday here.  Got a solid 3 hours worth of work done on the basement re-model, made a big pot of chili (Maybe the last until the fall!) played with the boy a lot.

Speaking of the boy, Jack has been saying that he’s worried about things under his bed lately.  Almost every night before he goes to sleep he tells me something about something being under his bed.  So today, I took his bed apart and put his mattress on the floor.  He’s much happier now, went to sleep with no issues tonight. One thing less he has to worry about.

monster under the bed.

The Monster Under The Bed


Tonight my co-author Laura came over, we had chili, and now I’m watching Sweeny Todd.  Laura and my wife Sandi love musicals.  I feel like they’d be good if it weren’t for all that damn singing.

However, its an interesting story, I hope that I can  follow it.


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