Monday. Why does everyone hate you?

Today starts an ugly week at work.  Two and a half hour long conference calls every day to discuss what we’re going to cover in the Monday – Friday 8am – 5Pm meeting I have in Philly all next week.  Seriously, a 40 hour meeting isn’t enough?  I need to spend ten more hours this week pre-discussing next week’s meeting?

On a happier note, my first book What Zombies Fear is free today.  That’s right, you can head over to Amazon and pick up your very own kindle-edition for the low, low price of FREE!  

(Disclaimer-  What Zombies Fear has now been professionally edited, and is typo-free.)

After last time, I swore I wouldn’t do another free day.  Last time I offered it for free, I got several 1-star reviews because there were some typos.  I’m an indie author, who writes a story for the love of sharing it.  I’m not in it for the money, I’m in it because I have this story in my head that needs to come out.  No one has ever said it wasn’t a good story.  The only complaints I’ve ever gotten have been “OMG! There were 47 typos in 80,000 words, 1 star!!!”.  Finally, I am choosing this opportunity to say “Fuck You” to those people.  You try writing 80,000 words and not having a typo.

So, I’ve always wanted to say that.  Now I’ve said it.  And now I don’t really feel any better.  Thank you to my four faithful readers for sitting through that rant.  It turns out, kind of grateful for those typo related reviews.  They forced me to hire an editor, and not only is my book better because of it, I also made a good friend.

If you haven’t read the book, it’s the story of a father who will do anything to keep his son safe, no matter what the personal cost.  It’s a post apocalyptic story about paternal love.  Here’s the Amazon description:

When Victor Tookes went to work that beautiful spring day he never expected to see a man eaten in the street in front of his office. After convincing himself that they really were zombies, he makes a trip from his house in Pennsylvania to his family home in Virginia, battling zombies all the way. His three and a half year old son was bitten on the leg, but doesn’t turn into a zombie. Instead, he turns into something more than human.

Victor and his friends discover that not all zombies are created equal, some of them are smarter than others. Some of them are even able to pass for human.


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