What Zombies Fear: Fracture

My 4th novel is called “What Zombies Fear: Fracture”.  It’s very different than the first book.  In fact, they’ve all been very very different, but number 4 is different in a different way.  (Wow that’s a terrible sentence)

The first book was almost a typical zombie novel.  Man sees zombies.  Man gets family, holes up.  Zombies attack, man triumphs.  The second book actually had very few zombies, and most of the zombie containing scenes had good-guy zombies.

The third book was all about the good guys growing, both in number and as people.

This book is about bad people doing bad things, because there is no one to stop them.  I don’t really want to spoil it, but this is the first book I’ve had named since before I started writing it.

A lot of this book is painful to write.  I wrote, for the first time, a genuine, non redeemable, no “well, he thought he was doing the right thing” bad guy.  He’s not “pure evil”, but he is bad, like psychopath bad.  Writing someone doing those sorts of things to characters that I’ve grown to love was much harder than I thought.

And then there is the name of the book.  We’ve started to see it, although I’m not sure any of the regular readers (I post the rough-draft of the chapters as I write them, to keep myself motivated) have put it together.  None of them have said anything to me if they have.

I’m not sure there’s really a point to this particular blog entry, except that when I started writing a zombie novel, I didn’t expect that i’d be doing so much soul searching as I wrote.  The things Lightfoot does/has done come from my own head.  Who thinks about shit like that?  I guess I do.


One thought on “What Zombies Fear: Fracture

  1. Knowing you personally, I see beyond the pages. It was great helping out in the first book and second with dialogue… I’ll keep correcting you if you butcher Aus Slang…

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