New musings

Believe it or not, despite having 3 bestselling (kindle list) novels, and being over halfway done with the fourth in the series, I’m still pretty new to writing.  I’m just approaching my one-year anniversary of showing someone the very first chapter of What Zombies Fear.

In a year I have learned so much about marketing, promotion, politics, and (most importantly) writing.  My writing now is so much better than it was when I started, It’s almost like the 1st and 4th books were written by different people.  Along the way I picked up a co-author who has had a profound effect on my writing, always pushing me for more, always prodding me to do better.

Marketing a book, e-book or print, is the hardest part about being an independent author.  I have four blogs of my own.  I followed literally hundreds of other blogs.  At first, I would follow a blog that had a lot of followers, hoping that my witty comments would intrigue people to check out my own blog.  Alas, that never really resulted in book purchases, and I had to read through and come up with comments for the most inane, boring, uninteresting blogs imaginable.  It was WORK to read all that crap.  So, now I only follow a few blogs, those that interest me, regardless of the number of followers.  I read blogs on all sorts of topics, one of my favorite bloggers is Dotty from  Her blog is about nothing in particular, just random musings from a completely mental, Cumberland Sausage loving, entirely delightful woman.  I’d never have read that blog before, and I’m very glad I did.

Another great blog is The Diary of A Poisoner…  A blog about a gluten intolerant fellow’s gastrointestinal issues, that is really about the incredible love a father has for his two children, and an insight into an astoundingly inspirational father.  I enjoy reading that blog every day.

In addition to blogging like crazy, I have four  Facebook pages attached to my account.  My author page, the WZF fan page, the ZPI page, and a random political page that I don’t post on very often.  Don’t want to upset my readers on the right OR left, I love you righties, even if you’re slightly crazy.

So far, the best promotion I’ve done has been the actual writing itself.  Every time I complete a chapter, I post it to my site in rough draft form, and let people read it, for free.  When the book is done, I take it off the site and put a link to purchase it.  That method of writing has garnered me a very nice following, and resulted in fantastic book sales.

I like that model so well, I’ve decided to continue it through my second book (or maybe series of books) The Colcoa Tailings.

I’ve read every free article, blog, book, and pamphlet on promoting your e-book on the internet.  Don’t waste your money with any of the paid ones.  The only thing that really makes a difference is time.  There are no short cuts.  Build your audience one fan at a time. Treat them like they’re gold, because they are.  Every one of them.


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