It was a hot Saturday!

Jack spent the day playing in his new Dragon Sprayer pool.


Who thought putting an inflatable slide into a pool filled with water was a good idea?  It took me at least a minute with the air compressor to fill the slide with air.  It’s a large volume.  It floats, even when he’s sitting on it.  There are loops to tie it down to the bottom of the pool, but despite the box being factory sealed, there was no bar or ties or any way to secure the hard plastic loops on the bottom of the slide to the ones mounted to the bottom of the pool.

Speaking of the bottom of the pool, there’s a little inflatable landing pad at the bottom of where the slide goes.  I think the slide would make a much better barcalounger than a slide.  I’m picturing myself chilling out there with a margarita and smoke on a hot day.  Maybe I need my own inflatable dragon spraying kiddie pool.

If only I had a waterproof laptop, that would be my writing spot for the rest of the summer.  I’m certain I could publish several zombie novels this summer if that were the case.


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