Interviewed on the radio this morning

One of my life goals is to make a living off of zombies.   There are several parts to my master plan, the first of which is to become established as a “zombie expert”.   I’ve had some great success with that lately.  I have/had speaking gigs at two conventions this year (Come hang out with me at Infect Scranton in September!) , and being called to discuss zombie behavior for not one, but two zombie movies.  Friday night, the main DJ of the biggest radio station in town (105.7 The X) emailed me about the ‘zombie attacks’ of late.

This morning I did the interview.  It was my second radio interview, and I did much better than the first.  I learned several things about being interviewed on the radio.

1.  They’re there to make good entertainment, not promote you.  If they can do both at once, that’s great, but don’t expect them to sacrifice entertainment for the sake of your plugs.

2.  They’re doing a job.  They’re not excited about being on the radio, and don’t really care if you are.  They show up and do this every day.  The last thing they want to do is hold your hand through the interview.

3.  You never get a chance to just talk.  Radio moves very fast, so keep your sentences short, and don’t use verbal fillers.  As soon as you say “uh” they’re on to something else.

Take a list of things you want to say.  Try to get one or two points every time you talk.


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