Life, insanity, stuff.

We all have periods of busy and periods of quiet in our lives.  There are times (usually around the holidays for most people) where you feel like you don’t have time to even stop to think, but soon enough, life switches  back into “normal” mode and you go about your regular routine.

I feel like my life has been in a busy period for years, with just the occasional interruption of ‘normal’ for a few hours or a day, then right back to insanity.

There is an excitement to an intense, busy, crazy life.  There’s always something to do, always somewhere to go, always new people to meet or something to see.  But it’s exhausting.  My brain seems like it’s mush this week.  I feel like I have no gas in the tank.  Words aren’t coming like they normally do.  Thoughts aren’t as clear as usual, and I miss details I should be catching.

I long for quiet normalcy.  I could really use a week (or month, or year) alone in a cabin in the woods.  Maybe one day.  But not this day.

This blog is called one of the 4 because there are 4 things I do.  Notice sleeping isn’t one of them.  I have books to write, things to learn, people to train, a kid to raise, and a million things to read.  To my good friend John the Aussie, who’s probably about to offer me a teaspoon of concrete to harden the F*** up, I say cheers mate, down the hatch.  Nom nom.

Off to get some shit accomplished before the zombie apocalypse!  Plenty of time to rest when i’m un-dead.


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