WordPress, WTF? Word ads.

I have a very busy blog.  Not this one, but my other one.  You know, the zombie one.  It gets a lot of traffic.  I applied for word ads from wordpress and thought, what the heck? maybe I’ll make some money.

So, in the first month I signed up during the last week of the month, and made about $5.50.  For June, I had my busiest month ever, well past 15,000 views in june, and I made $4.44.

How did I make more in the first 1 week where I had about 3500 visitors than I did in an entire month of June where I had 15,000?  Seriously?  15,000 views equals $4.44?  That’s an abysmal pay per impression.  Enough that it’s not worth bothering my readers with.  Half a million views to get to my $100 minimum payout, of which paypal is going to take a chunk?  Ridiculous.  Don’t waste your time.


5 thoughts on “WordPress, WTF? Word ads.

  1. Dear Victor,

    I wondered what those ads were all about.

    I’ll be along to WZF soon – I’m saving the post emails for when I’m in the mood for a good long read (can’t concentrate right now).

    Love Dotty xxx

    • Dear Dotty, my long lost love from across the pond.

      The main reason I added them to the site was because WordPress was putting ads there anways, and I feel like if someone is going to profit off my writing, it should be me.

  2. Its paid on clicks, problem is the ads aren’t pertinent to the blog. But when it is, the clicks fly. A friend has 2.5 million followers and has a return of $180 a week.. then they have their oher 6 blogs…

    Your best bet would be editing each post and adding your own affiliate link with something that relates to the blog.

    • As long as I’m hosted by wordpress, I can’t add my own affiliate links, only theirs. 2.5 million followers and 180/week is TERRIBLE. A blog with that many followers would be paying thousands per week with google’s adwords.

      I need wordpress right now. People find my site through wordpress, I would lose that if I hosted it myself.

      • There are bigger blogs than WordPress about with shitloads more users. Some are even certain country orientated with -say for example – millions of south Africans prone to using a certain blog, because so many others do.

        You could *start again* by copying and pasting on other blogs to allow you to share your story with others and be more flexible with adverts.

        Also it was suppose to be .25 million…

        Many people use ad blocker… Pretty much everyone who uses chrome or Firefox uses ad blocker. Many of us that use phones mostly to read these blogs do not see the adverts, too.

        I’m pretty sure amazon affiliates is ok. Otherwise about 100 blogs I follow would delete theier accounts and jump ship.

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