Horror Zedits and Last Writes

I’m an indie author.  I write a series of books called “What Zombies Fear“.   The biggest problem for indie authors is a lack of good editors.  Finding an editor has been a battle, one I’m glad to have won.

When I wrote my first book, I made a horrible mistake.  The mistake was in thinking that no one would read it.  When it was finished, I published it to amazon for $2, and said to my friend “If 10 people buy it, I’ll be able to call myself a published author.”

The first day I sold 35 copies, and that’s when what i’d done dawned on me.  I had a piece of literature (term used VERY loosely!!)  out there in the world, for sale, with my name on it.  And it was full of typos.

I didn’t have any money, and I was buried trying to keep up the writing schedule I’d created for myself, but I tried to edit it myself.  After spending four hours on the first chapter, which I’d completely re-written, and which was now worse than it had been when I started, I knew I was going to have to have some help.

I asked some friends to read it, but only one did.  She gave me a ton of great feeedback, which I implemented, as well as her proofreading.

A few weeks went by, with more 5 star reviews about what a great story it is, and a few 1 star reviews that I REALLY needed an editor.  My very first royalty check from Amazon was paid to a proofreader, who sent me an edited document.   Except I realized after I paid she only fixed like 15 things.  And there were hundreds and hundreds of typos.  (Not SO bad out of 70,000 words to have 200 typos!)

Finally, I met Doree Ann and Susan McSherry over at Horror Zedits and Last Writes.  They’re a small indie editorial company, just for indie authors like me.  They’re amazing.  The two of them edited my book, charged me only $150.  Since the second round of edits by Doree and Susan, I haven’t received a single rating lower than 4 stars on my book, and my last 21 reviews in a row have been 5 stars.

Before I worked with them I had a great story.  It was told well, and at best mediocre writing.  Since they joined my team, my novel is doing amazing things, and I have them to thank.


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