Officially an Author, day 2.

I keep trying to say “I’m an Author” to myself over and over, hoping it will sink in.  That this feeling that i’m a sham will go away.


Day one was a pretty good success.  Day two is kind of a business day.  Getting involved in the community, getting my name out there, working on finding guest blogs, etc.  Hits and follows are up on What Zombies Fear, so that’s good, and book sales were good yesterday.  It’s so hard to understand the pattern that book sales takes.  One week monday, tuesday and wednesday suck, but thurs, fri, sat and sunday make up for it, the next Monday kicks ass and on friday I couldn’t pay someone to read it.

Maybe one of my projects will be to put all 8324983290 variables together and find out what the best strategy is for selling books.  I’m having a pretty average month on amazon, but this month, for some reason Barnes and Noble is kicking ass.  I haven’t mentioned B&N in months.  How the hell does that happen?

I’m taking the boy to the fair tonight, so that should be fun.

Also.  I rolled up my living room rug and found literally 2 cups of some fine light brown/off-white powder spread evenly under it.  How gross!  What the hell is that?  Is it soylent green?  Rolled it up, took it outside and beat it for half an hour, swept/mopped the floor under it.  Whatever it is, it’s not in my house anymore.


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