Here I sit

I’m sitting here on a beautiful saturday morning in paradise, specifically Pompono Beach, Florida.  It’s a little rainy as I sit under a tiki hut next to the pool in a lush tropical paradise known as my brothers back yard.

I was up early this morning, a little before seven.  Got a cup of coffee, and came out to get some writing done.  Know what I didn’t do? Write.  Anything.

Instead I sat here pondering life, the universe, and everything, enjoying a cup of coffee, facebooking with some friends, and generally being introspective.  I’ve wanted to live in Florida my whole life.  For the first time in my life, I’m in a sort-of position to do it, and I’m not sure I could make myself.  The things I would leave behind are too much.  Is this what people mean by putting down roots?  If so, I hate it.

I think I’m part gypsy.  I was made to roam, moving regularly, my possessions on my back.  I feel stagnant when I do any one thing for too long, and I’ve felt stagnant in my life for a while now.  Some roots are strong though, and the one that binds me to Pennsylvania might be the one I just can’t cut.

Time will tell.  Patience is something I have SO much of in many aspects of my life, and so little of in others.

The back yard here in Pompono Beach

View from under the Tiki Hut.


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