Stuck in paradise

All the flights up to 3pm have been cancelled out of Ft. Lauderdale, and the storm isn’t supposed to even get bad until this evening.  Chances are good that i’m not going anywhere for a few days.

I have some contingency details to work out, but overall that’s really not a terrible thing.  It’s been a busy couple of days of helping my brother get some of the “Just moved in” projects off the list.  Yesterday I tore down a bunch of Ivy that the previous owner had been training to grow up the wall, and even though the ivy was only a few years old, it had already started to do some damage.  I have no idea why people think its a good idea to grow Ivy up the sides of their house.

I also pressure washed the back side of the house, getting rid of a bunch of mold that had grown on the gutters and along the base of the house where the pavers meet the house.  That was a pretty fun project, made a big difference in how the house looks without being a ton of work.  It was time consuming, but the benefits were significant.

Then lastly I trimmed all the berries off the palm trees in the yard.  The branches that grow specifically to produce these berries are unbelievably heavy.  They’re not particularly large, but each branch weighs 10 – 15 lbs.  Very dense, and a lot of water held in those branches.

These branches are way heavier than I expected!


It was a good day overall, checked a lot off the to-do list, and helped him out.

Today, it looks like I may be here for a couple more days, I guess it’s time to start planning contingencies.  Planning for disaster is something I do a lot of, both in my convention speeches and as the owner of The Zombie Preparedness Initiative.

On the topic of convention speeches, I’ll be at Gettysburg Horrorfind Weekend this weekend August 31, September 1, and 2.  Then in a few weeks I’ll be at Infect Scranton the weekend of September 22nd.  Both of these conventions are going to be great fun, we look forward to meeting some fans!


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