ZPI needs writers!

Many of you know, I’m the owner and administrator of The Zombie Preparedness Initiative.  We’re undergoing some changes over there.  If you’ve never seen the site, please stop by.

From the “about us” page.

The Zombie Preparedness Initiative is a site dedicated to not just surviving the zombie apocalypse, but thriving through it. Gear reviews, real strategy discussions, even recommendations on what to put in your Bug Out Bag, our 15,000 user community is growing more prepared every day.

ZPI was started in 2004 by a group of college students. After having watched Shaun of the Dead, they decided that they would not fall prey to stupidity and rely on luck as the heroes of the show had done; they decided to plan ahead. They quickly devised a number of plans in case the zombies ever showed up and not long after, they began having discussions with people about it. It was at that point that they had decided to make the group more formal, and the Zombie Preparedness Initaitive was formed.

In 2009, the site came under new management. The new Site Admin has worked to bring the website into the 21st century, with a new server and updated site software, a facebook presence, as well as an expanded vision.

Its no longer enough that a small few plan ahead. The Zombie Preparedness Initiative is a global project, aimed at making sure the entire world is ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything. Preparedness is a state of mind, a state of self reliance. Preparedness is personal responsibility

We at The Zombie Preparedness Initiative want to take bigger steps, to make a larger impact on the world.  We have developed a multi-prong approach to this.  The first step is where you come in.

ZPI needs writers.  Specifically, we need writers writing disaster/survival content.

If you’re a zombie fiction writer, we want to hear your vision of what zombies would be like, and how we would survive.

If your blog is about cooking, we want recipes that can be cooked with rudimentary tools, and especially recipes for preserving food without refrigeration.  This can pose some challenges.  For instance, if your recipe calls for butter, you have to start with raw milk.

If your blog is about raising your children, we’re looking for your thoughts on surviving in a dystopian world.

I believe that all blogs have a way to relate.

What’s in it for you?

ZPI has almost 15,000 members in it’s user database.  That’s a lot of exposure.  ZPI’s facebook page will cross 1000 likes in the next few days.  Anyone who writes an article will be featured on the ZPI facebook page.

And, of course, you might just help someone survive.  Maybe it won’t be a zombie apocalypse, maybe it’ll just be someone living through an earthquake like the one in Haiti.  Maybe it’ll help someone who’s surviving after a major hurricane or typhoon.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment here or on the facebook page.



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