Been a while. So much going on.

This blog has always been a “when I get around to it” kind of blog.  I’m definitely not the guy who writes eight posts a day and annoys your inbox.  There is a lot going on around the palatial Allmond Estates here in lovely Pennsylvania.

The boy is visiting his grandparents this week, which means I’m pretty much a free agent alllllll week.  That means lots of time in a quiet house to write about What Zombies Fear.  I recorded a youtube “how-to” video about starting a fire with wet wood for my other site,

The translation of What Zombies Fear into Portuguese (Brazillian) is finished.  The translator moves very slowly, but he’s making progress, and he’s really doing an amazing job (Says my other friend who speaks Portuguese).    I should have the first book available in BR. Portuguese sometime mid November.  Fun!

I’m off to write the next chapter of WZF!

Stay safe, keep surviving, and be ready for anything.



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