This week, Jack is with Grandma.  That means LOTS of time to write.  Given that I was sorely out of the writing habit, I was having a little trouble getting back into the groove.

I guess that’s what people mean by writers block.  When I would sit to write, I would stare at the page, the words would come slowly, and I had a hard time getting “into’ the story.  It meant chapters took 8 or 10 hours to write, and writing time was hard to find.

I decided on sunday that this week, while Jack was away I would try to post a chapter a day.  We’re 3 for 3 on that goal (Two posted, and tonight’s chapter is written.)

Can I pull it off? Can I get two more chapters done this week?  Here’s hoping, that would make this a 10,000 word week, and give a huge bump towards finishing the fifth book of What Zombies Fear


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