Indiegogo Fundraiser.

Survivalist of the Dead is seeking crowd-source funding.    How can you help?

The way Indiegogo works their rankings (and who makes it to the front page of their site) is by how widespread this link is.

Every page google reports that has that link gets me a little closer to being on their front page.  Reblogging this very blog would help me, even without costing you a cent!  And make me FOREVER grateful.

Kirk, What do you need $1500 for???

In order to film this project, we need your help!  Your contribution goes to cover costs of filming and for zombie-chow.

Filming Costs:

  • Makeup and FX
  • Wardrobe considerations
  • Location costs
  • Travel to/from locations

We have a dedicated group who are working for next to nothing to create this show.  Our zombies are all volunteers, the least we can do is feed them while we’re filming.  Our makeup/FX guy Nate is world-class.  He donated his time, and most importantly, he donated his materials to create the zombies in the first episode.  Nate is passionate about the show, and loves what he does, but he deserves to at least be paid for his materials.

Other Costs

We filmed the entire first episode with DSLR Cameras.  They work great for slow moving scenes in dry, controlled conditions, but as we move forward we need more rugged, waterproof camera equipment.  The camera we want is a GoPro Hero3 Black.  It’s about $400, and will allow me to shoot amazing action scenes and fast movement without having to focus so much on NOT breaking the camera (ONE of the cameras I used to film the pilot episode was worth more than all the money we’re trying to raise!).

If we go over our requested amount, the additional money will go towards improved makeup and effects, better equipment, and most importantly, bigger, better locations!  It costs a small fortune to shut down even a rural road.  Shooting inside a house, warehouse, industrial complex, or even someone’s garage all costs.

Some of the money we raise will go to pay for Indiegogo’s fees.  (Nothing this cool is free!).  Some of it will go to pay for Survivalist of the Dead t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other perks for the fundraiser.

On a more personal level, your donation gets you cool stuff!  Survivalist of the Dead gear, even a chance to appear in the show as a zombie.


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