The Zombie Preparedness Initiative

Over at the zombie preparedness initiative, we’re talking about a number of interesting topics this week.

We have a great topic going on Blackpowder Firearms, with some great discussion of the legalities and rules for ownership of antique black powder pistols and modern day muzzle loaders, as well as the reasons to have such firearms.

Black Powder Pistol

A Black Powder Revolver

We’re also talking about uses for, and reasons to collect Waste Motor Oil.  It’s got a ton of uses.  The thread got kind of derailed into a blacksmithing discussion, come on by and help us get it back on track!

Finally, we’re making a list of Overlooked products to stock prior to the apocalypse. These are the simple things that are easy to forget about.  Tweezers, nail clippers, sunglasses, toilet paper.  All the things that make life more comfortable, but aren’t top of mind.  If you’re a prepper, stop by the site and add your two-cents in.  Maybe you’ve got some items we haven’t thought of!

ZPI has nearly 20,000 users.  No matter what topic or what interest, someone there is an expert.  I’ve been at the helm of the zombie preparedness initiative for almost three years now.  Every time I go there I learn something new or pick up a new tip.  My favorite part of that site is that while we talk about everything in terms of zombies, no matter what you’re prepping for you can learn something that will help you.


A bug out bag

A Bug out Bag


When I first started thinking about preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I just grabbed whatever I had laying around my house, and threw it into an old backpack I had.   Having *something* put together is better than nothing, I thought.  Over the years, I’ve added to, replaced, upgraded and enhanced my 72 hour kit.  These days it’s pretty well stocked, and now I can work on the next things.  It’s taken some time, it didn’t happen overnight.  I don’t think any single thing in my get out of dodge kit cost more than $30, other than maybe the backpack, which might have been $50.  Other than that, I spent no more than a dollar or two per day.

A dollar or two per day for the security of knowing that if my house caught fire, I just grab this bag, get my son out of bed and run out the door, and we’d have the papers we need, enough cash, some warm clothes, etc.

Whatever the disaster, my Bug Out Bag is ready, waiting for me to need it.  Including zombies.

Because zombies are fun to talk about.

Today is a writing day, working on The Colcoa Tailings.  There’s not much on that site yet, but soon!

Keep surviving, no matter what occurs.

–Kirk Allmond


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