Jack’s 5th birthday and Gaming

Today is Jack’s 5th birthday party.  He turned five back at the very end of December, but since we were out of town, we waited until after the holidays to schedule his party.  When I started writing What Zombies Fear, I patterned Victor’s relationship with his son Max after my own relationship with my son Jack.  Max is Jack.  Especially in the first book of the series, the interactions between father and son are direct quotes from my own conversations with my son.  The whole bit about driving to daycare and running through which toys to play with to get him to agree to go to daycare was our morning routine.

Jack is one of the coolest kids I know.  While it would never interfere with being his father, he really is my friend.

Saturday night is game night.  Most game nights, I play a role-playing game with a group of friends who make up Grown as Gamers.  Normally, we’ve been playing Savage Worlds: Deadlands Reloaded, where I role-play a southern gentleman named Mason Campbell, who is slightly crazy and invents all kinds of streampunk-esque gadgetry.

Last night we took a break from Deadlands and played a DC universe game called Marvel Heroic RPG by Margaret Weis.  (You may

X-Men's Beast

Beast, from X-Men

recognize Margaret Weis as half of the team that wrote the Dragonlance Chronicles series (Tanis Half-elvin? Raistlin?  Tasslehoff the Kinder?)   I chose to play Beast, my favorite X-Man of all times, in the history of ever.

I was in an odd mood last night though.  I had a hard time focusing on playing Beast, I probably should have chosen Colossus or Wolverine.  I wanted to fight *everything*.  While Beast is more than capable when combat time comes, he is typically pretty slow to fight, but I spent the night stirring the pot, so to speak, edging other characters to fight, and attacking myself.

We had a great time saving an epsilon level mutant from the likes of Mystique, Magneto and Toad.  There was an epic battle on a train platform in New York City, as well as some fantastic ass-kickery  on wall street, as Magneto tried to set off an EMP to destroy the stock exchange.

In the word’s of the night’s MVP, who was playing Storm:  “If lightning hits Magneto, would he fry like bacon in his suit?”  It turn out, yes, that is indeed the case.

We played until 2am.  Then I passed out.  It was a great night, and I’m grateful to the crew for inviting me.  Roleplaying is a huge piece of writing to me.  I always picture myself in the main character’s shoes, even when the main character is an 18 year old woman.  I learned a long time ago that life is much better when you embrace your inner geek.


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