Roses are red
Coffee is Black
This poetry thing sucks.
I like coffee.

Sometimes I like to start off the day with a beautiful poem.  Apparently today was not that day.

I love coffee.  It’s a relatively new thing for me, I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was about 30.  (I’m 38 as of writing this).  It’s not an all day slow burn lovemaking session with my coffee, in fact I usually only have 2 cups in the morning.

The real love affair started when I built my deck.  I used to have this horrible old concrete patio.  It was tiny.  You couldn’t put a table and chairs around it

Jackhammer in concrete

Nothing says “Man” like using a jackhammer

I was very glad to be rid of that.  Nothing says “I’m a manly man” like using a jackhammer to reduce concrete to rubble.  The problem is then that you have to remove all that rubble.  (Oddly, there’s still a pile of concrete rubble beside the new deck.  You have no idea how expensive it is to send concrete to the dump!

I had to get rid of that patio.  It was no place to properly drink a cup of coffee.  Surrounded by mud, chair half falling off the patio, terrible I tell ya.

Framing a 20 x 24 deck

Go big or go home, right?

So, with the patio gone, it was time to do some framing.  The framing went up pretty easily, mostly because all those posts magically appeared in some 48 inch deep concrete filled holes that also magically appeared.

This was a saturday.  It was bright and sunny, slight spring chill in the air, good for working.  Also magically, 5 friends stopped by to help out.  It’s good to have good friends.  This job would have sucked by myself.  BUT, in order to build the perfect place for a cup of coffee, it was totally worth it.

Deck boards and a chair on a newly built deck

Build your deck in multiples of eight feet!

Once the framing was done, we put on deck boards.  Pretty simple, like doing a floor of any sort.  Lay a few out, screw them down.  One lesson I learned during the design phase.  Build your deck in multiples of 8 feet.  That way you don’t have to cut your deck boards.  Saved hours of labor.

You can see my son was helping with his orange hoe.  He was a very good helper.  Ultimately, I built a solid foundation for my feet while drinking my morning cup of coffee.

A bar height railing on a DIY deck

The railing is bar-height.

The final step of course was to install a coffee holder on the deck.  Some may call it a railing I suppose, but it’s real purpose is to hold a cup of coffee while I light the first cigarette of the morning, looking out over my kingdom.   It’s almost coffee time.

By the way.  Do not try to put a Ficus tree in a pot and expect it to live during the winter in Pennsylvania outside on a deck.  Whoops.

At long last, it’s finished.

View of the deck

The finished deck!

And now I can drink my coffee

Steaming Coffee on a deck

The perfect cup of coffee on Kirk Allmond’s deck


3 thoughts on “Coffee

    • And if you were in Pennsylvania you could have seen all for seasons while putting up that deck…….nice job. Good place for coffee.

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