Holy cow, 4 Days!

Sorry for the pause in blogs, I know you were anxiously hanging on my every word, breathlessly waiting for some life affirming tidbit of information, right?

Turns out, I had a rather unexpected relocation project.   It took a few days to get internet worked out in the new place and honestly, while I was moving there wasn’t a lot of time, desire, or thought towards blogging or writing.  This morning, the seventh morning in the new place, the urge returned, and returned with a vengeance.

So here I am, writing this blog with so much to say and no real desire to say it publicly.  Sorting through the appropriate things to say is proving to be somewhat difficult, so I think I’ll leave the particulars of the great relocation with this thought.  (After the jump)

The name of the new apartment is “The Room of Requirement.”

In ye olden days in the area in which I was sired, all houses had names.  But then, all those houses were stately manors on plantations somewhere.  My mothers house, for example, back in pre-colonial times was called Elim.  There is much discussion about where the name Elim comes from.  In The Bible, it is one of the places the Israelites camped after the exodus.  There is some speculation that it comes from a Semitic root meanings “gods”.  Most directly, it means “A place in the desert”.  The founder of the plantation was a deeply religious man, I can see why that name would fit for him.  At the time, that part of Virginia was several days of hard riding from anything, a 3000 acre land grant in the middle of Virginia forest.  No roads, no motorcars, not a single luxury.

Many of you may recognize The Room of Requirement as a Harry Potter quote, it’s the room that appears in Hogwarts when the heroes needed something.  Whatever they needed was usually contained in that room, including sometimes, a place to be.  While the name absolutely fits in the most literal sense; I did require a new place, it also fits the more figurative.  Everything I need is here.  There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it is comfortable.  It’s a home I haven’t felt like I had in a long time.

This morning I’m feeling that.  I haven’t lived in an apartment in a long time, over a decade.  I feel in many ways like I’m set back.  But mostly, I feel like I’ve thrown off the mantle of the last 10 years.  I left a lucrative, high powered job to persue writing full time.  And now I have a new trimmed down place to live.  It’s .  2012 was a year of downsizing my life.  I call it reigning it in; it feels much like Atlas setting the world down.  Others who are on the outside looking in may see it from a different perspective, but I have seldom troubled myself with the thoughts of others, they are most often without basis, and quite often entirely devoid of fact.

So here I sit, after 15 minutes of furiously typing, 500 words into a blog where i’ve said practically everything and also nothing at all.  For those that know all the facts, (Which might be limited to just me) it’s a masterful work of self expression.

-Kirk Allmond, wordsmith.

Oh, hey.  You.  The guy who read this entire blog and is now sitting there thinking, “Get back to the zombies, dude.  No one cares.”

You’re absolutely right.  You’ll be happy to know that forty-seven seconds from now when I click the “publish” over there —> I’ll be going to www.whatzombiesfear.com to pour out the next chapter.  See you there!


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