Slogging Through

Work continues on the Zombie Preparedness Initiative site.  It’s going to be a long, tedious process.  Each item of content has to be manually transferred over.  Since WordPress has such robust content creation, with the ease of adding images and controlling look and layout, transferring each article is almost as much work as it was originally writing them.  (Ok, that’s not true for some of the 3000 – 5000 word articles, but you get the point.  Each article is taking roughly an hour to transfer.  And I LOVE the way they look when it’s done.  So worth it.

The Zombie Preparedness Initiative

The all new Zombie Preparedness Initiative

In another bit of apparent self loathing, I also decided to move my father’s blog from an old forum to wordpress as well.  He’s been keeping his blog since 2006, with several entries per week for the last 6 years.  16 pages of posts at 50 posts per page.  Roughly 800 blog posts.  Luckily, those don’t require as much work to transfer, they’re pretty much cut and paste jobs.  I got about a page and a half done yesterday.

Which brings us to writing.  The topic I’ve been avoiding for weeks.  Sometime tonight I’ll finish the first Victor Tookes adventure.  I think I’ve decided that Declaration of War is done, with some minor additions, and maybe one more chapter before what is currently the last chapter I’ll write in post.  I think the book needs to end with a taste of Max’s abilities.

And as for The Colcoa Tailings, I’m still at a standstill with it.  It needs so much.  I’ve taken to writing it in layers.  First, I got the basic story out.  That’s pretty much where I stopped with the first “What Zombies Fear” novel.  It’s a basic story, and that’s where Colcoa is now.  But then I want to go back through and add some things.  Willa’s relationship with her father needs to be stronger.  Willa’s relationship with ****** (Bleeped out for spoiler reasons) needs to be more *******.  Then the storyline where ****** goes ******* needs to be deeper, with some ****** and a dash of ******.

Ok, fine.  I can’t talk to you about Colcoa at all.  But after I add in the ****’s up there, I’m going to want to go back and flesh out the world a little more, to make it more real, more frightening, and more dangerous.  As it is, Willa’s pretty adept at surviving in her world. Life needs to be tougher for her.  She needs some angst.

So, Colcoa needs some significant rewriting.  The good news is, soon I can start the 6th What Zombies Fear book, which I think is going to be called “Armageddon,” or something similarly hugenormous.  In the words of the Lovely Laura Bretz, “Shit’s about to get real.”


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