Productive days

Made a couple of graphics to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead.   They got a good number of shares on Facebook.  Not as much as random Chuck Norris crap, but a good number.  Shares on Facebook are so important, it’s one of the primary ways people learn about the page.



Did a bunch of work on the new ZPI site. Its’ coming along really well. We’re starting to move content in earnest now, the number of bugs left to work out is dwindling.

And as I mentioned before, I have been working on a new blog site for my father, who’s been faithfully blogging since 2006, several times per week.  Now I have all of his content to transfer too, but his is easy.  I can do a couple dozen in an hour, but there are about 800 to do.


He lives in the Florida Keys.  I knew he’d want his blog to be “keysie”, which is his term for informal with bright colors, featuring lots of blues and greens.  I feel like I got pretty close, I’m proud of the work.  I miss graphic design sometimes.  Back before I was a writer, I was a graphics and web designer.   I like that kind of work, there is a real sense of satisfaction in creating a site that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.    I wish there was some money in that line of work, but alas there just isn’t.

Not many people understand that unless they’re getting a cookie cutter site, it takes a hundred or more hours to create something truly unique.  Even my dad’s blog, which is “fairly” cookie cutter probably has 10 or 12 hours just in the graphic design and layout.  See in that picture how there’s a little space to the left of the N in “New Blog Adress”?  Took almost an hour to figure out where in the theme that was controlled, and increase it from 0 to 15 pixels.  Does that kind of thing matter to you?  Probably not, but it makes the whole thing look finished.  You can’t give a client something that looks unfinished, and you can’t bill them for an hour to make a (seemingly) tiny little change like that.

Anyways.  Know what I haven’t done?  written.  It’s coming though, I can feel it.  The Deadlands game is heating up.  Mason Campbell’s story is coming along fantastically, I’m looking forward to writing more about “The Weird West” (Of course removing any copyright infringing terms).


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