So Close!

Cover for the short story Victor Tookes Adventures

The Cover of Victor Tookes Adventures #1


Fun story about Kirk.  I finished the short story, then went back through and did some edits, then re-wrote the ending, then did more edits.  Then re-wrote it again, all (somehow) without saving the word document.

So yesterday morning, I wake up to find that my computer rebooted itself after installing a windows update.  And, it’s all gone.  Luckily, during my last round of editing, for some reason I decided to print it.  So I have a print copy to transcribe.

<– There’s the cover.  I’m really happy with it, I struggled with this cover for a long time.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a royalty free photo of a dirty blonde in torn jeans with a gun that isn’t

Blonde in overalls with a gun

Farmer’s Daughter?

porn? (Or close to it.)  You should have seen the looks I was getting when I was searching stock photo sites at Starbucks.

Over there —> was as close as I could get, and was almost the feature image on the cover…

She is kind of hot, and everyone says WZF needs more sexy…   I think it will be available on Amazon by the end of the week, stay tuned here or like me on Facebook


2 thoughts on “So Close!

  1. She does look hot. Good find, but I like the original image for the cover. Who says WZF needs more sexy? It’s a Zombie series! Besides… Leo is sexy in my head… and just they way I want her to be. You start trying to find images of her and you may ruin the whole thing! – lol!

  2. What’s better than Zombies? Zombies and sex! However, given that I’ve taken the route of a more “superhero” story than a “zombie” story, and given the target market for said story, more sex was not the right option.
    The next time I write zombies, it’s going to be much darker, grittier, and much scarier.

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