The Waiting Game

Cunningham Cabin (2)Everything is ready to go with Farmer’s Daughter, I’m waiting on edits.  I have this little short story I was thinking of including, about Shawn Sullivan.  I started looking at it, taking out all the extra commas I use all, the, time.  As I was reading, I thought, “You know, I’d really like to know more about his house.  So i wrote a paragraph, and thought, “Hrm.  That’s not Shawns house.  So I wrote another paragraph about how Shawn inherited the house, and did some remodeling.

But it still wasn’t Shawn, so another year of shawn’s life goes by, and he’s done X, Y, and Zgrandview-log-home-mansion to the house.   At this point, the little 3000 word short story is 6000 words.  3000 words about his house, and 3000 words of the story.

Suddenly Shawn has a girlfriend.  All these ideas start flowing into this “micro’ story, and n ow Shawn’s story is as long as the short story I was going to include it in.  It’s amazing how things take off when the muse hits.  This was just a little short one-off this idea I had, something I wanted to say.  I think though that while I said what I needed to say in the original story, it needed the volume turned up.  I have been accused of being too light with the message at times, too subtle.  I know thousands of people that have read What Zombies Fear, and not one of them has ever caught what it’s REALLY about.  And my lips are sealed.  You have to figure that one out on your own.

So, I guess the next thing I’m going to publish is “Billions: Shawn”.  Depending on whether or not Mark Clodi minds if I steal his “billions” idea.  If you haven’t read his books, you really should.

Start with this one. 🙂
The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak


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