New! Super Secret Project

I was texting with XXXXX today.  We started talking about other successful authors that we liked.  Then we got on the topic of authors that write crap and are crazy-i-just-hit-the-lottery successful.  And then suddenly we had an idea that Laura and I should co-write something with this friend I was talking to.

So we started tossing ideas back and forth, about how XXXXX should be a XXXX and XXXXX should XXX with XXXX and then omg, what if XXXXXX did XXXXXX and XXXXXX happened.  HOLY CRAP!! And then XX would happen to XXXXX and XXXX XXX XX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX.

Suddenly, an hour and a half later, we have an outline, and one of three main character bios done, a full idea for a story.  I’ve never had a story fall into place this easily.   I’m REALLY excited.

The greatest part is no one will ever know it was me that wrote it.  The three of us are sworn to secrecy and we will be using a singular nom-de-plume.  I guess if it goes on to be the next huge smash hit I’ll be happy with 1/3 of the money, but mostly I’m just excited to be stretching myself as a writer, exploring new avenues, and working with two other authors I really respect.


PS, this blog was much more fun before I redacted it.
PPS, this story has no zombies.


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