Yay! Published.


Cover art

Cover of Victor Tookes Adventures, The Farmer’s Daughter, A What Zombies Fear short story

Victor Tookes Adventures: The Farmer’s Daughter is finally published!

I know it’s just a short story.  I know it’s just $0.99.  I know it’s familiar writing, and an easy read.  The reason I’m so thrilled is because I finished it.  I’ve had writing ADD for the last 6 months, starting so many projects.  I’ve made progress on all of them, but my attempts at forcing myself to finish something have, until now, proven futile.

In my life I’ve always been a great starter, and struggled to reach the end

.  Anyone can be a good starter.  It’s finishing the race that makes successful people.  My greatest pride in my writing has been that I actually finished.  So not wrapping a project up was starting to wear on me.

I’m feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, my desire to write is stronger than it’s ever been.  Forward!


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