Writer’s Paralysis

Writers paralasys

Writers paralasys

It’s not writers block.  I have tons of ideas, and tons of things I want to say.  The problem is, none of it is what I *should* be writing.  I think the problem comes from having too many projects.  I finished and published the short story “The Farmer’s Daughter”  and it’s selling very well.  Much better than I anticipated actually, I think it’s going to break my “book launch” record, set by “The Gathering”.

That gave me a little boost, and set some clarity, and I got a lot done in a short time on the finishing work of Book 5.  (Which is completely written, minus the chapter Laura has to finish tonight/tomorrow) and heading off to the final editor tomorrow.

Maybe the problem is I know that the next book is the last before Victor’s story is done.  I’ve put so many hours into telling that story.  So much of my own life is wrapped up in his tale, I’m not sure I want to see it end.  I caught myself fantasizing about splitting book 6 into two books today.  “There’s enough story to make two,” I thought to myself in the shower this morning.

I have so many projects I want to write after this.  I have so many things I want to explore.  I want to write something REALLY dark.  WZF has always been the light side of horror, focusing more on Victor and Max’s relationship, character building, and growth of the man.  I want to write something scary.  I also want to write something  more adult, completely out of the realm of Young Adult fiction.  But when I think about those two things, I wonder, am I type-cast?  Am I a superhero-zombie author?  Because if that’s the case, after What Zombies Fear, then what?  I can’t write another superhero-zombie story without it being a ripoff of  my own work.  Too much would bleed through, readers would say “Oh, that’s John, only his name is Francis in this book.”

I don’t know, but today I’m slogging onward, finishing initial edits to Declaration of War.  I WILL finish it today.  Enough stalling with blog posts.


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