Ready, Set, Launch

Edit 5/10/2014:  So much happened last year.  Shortly after I started writing book 6 on the site, I got pulled in 87 different directions.  Then I signed a publishing contract with Permuted Press.  What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation is on Permuted’s release schedule for late summer 2014.


Book 6 is set to Launch on March 3rd.  I’m super excited about this one all the sudden.  Yesterday I was down in the dumps about it, and then I started work on some promotional material.  Once the visual started coming together my excitement level started growing.  Last night I dreamed about WZF, woke up this morning and put a bunch of stickies on the “WZF 6 Idea board”, including the name, “The Incarnation.’

Somehow, the visual inspired me.  It took me in a different direction than I thought, not an about face, but just a veer to one side.  Everything started to fall into place, things that I had hanging out started to click together.  I was looking for one more piece of the puzzle, and I found it yesterday.  March 3rd, 2013 Book 6 launches at

What Zombies Fear The Incarnation launches March 3rd.

What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation March 3rd, 2013


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