What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation launches March 3rd

So, despite the headline on this article, The Incarnation is NOT actually due out now until Late summer 2014.

In November, I signed a deal with Permuted Press, to re-publish the entire What Zombies Fear series under their banner.  There are a million reasons for it, and one big one against it.  On the positive side, being with Permuted Platinum will give me exposure in book stores nationwide, and will introduce the series to an entirely new audience.

The drawback is that I’m now on their publishing schedule.  As an independent, I can put books out within weeks of finishing them.  Publishers need more time to build momentum, to get print copies, to ship print copies, to get books in the computer systems so book stores can order them, etc.  Book stores order books six months in advance.  So if I finish a book in February, it couldn’t possibly hit book stores before September.

I”m sorry about the wait, but I promise you it’s worth the wait.  It is an intense, roller coaster of a book, and very well deserving of it’s place as the final book in the What Zombies Fear series.

While you wait, have you checked out The Evolution of Vaughn?  There are a few things in there that give you some clues.


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