Back at home in Victor’s world

Comfy old slippersYesterday and today I slipped back into Victor’s world.  It’s interesting to me how comfortable it is to be writing solidly in WZF again, and how much I love writing those characters.  Although this is the final novel in the series, I am determined to make it the best one, to do them all justice.  This probably sounds odd to those of you who don’t write, but I feel like I owe it to Victor.

I wrote about 1200 words of the first chapter of book 6 in an hour this morning.  I was there, in the zone, feeling it.  Typing away with my eyes closed and my head leaned back in the couch.  It reminded me of the old days, when I first started writing all of this.  No work, just open up my head and let it fall out.  Also, just like when I’m really into it, the words that came out of my head surprised me.  I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I love it.

Of course, readers are going to be left asking “WTF just happened?”  but this is the end of the series.  Things that have been hinted at for the last 5 novels have to start having some answers.  And answers always start with questions.  Ask the right questions.

The sheer number of details, of loose ends, and of little “tossed in things” here and there over the last 350,000 words has is a little intimidating.  For those of you new to the series, or who joined in later, this project is written unlike anything i’ve ever written before.  The entire project is written in a linear fashion.  I sat down, wrote chapter 1, and posted it to a blog as a short story.  Then I wrote a second chapter.  Then a third.  Then I had 40, and published it as a novel.  The day I published the first book, I posted chapter 1 of book 2.

potato-peelersThe difficulty of that is that once I publish something to the blog, it’s cannon. When writing a ‘regular’ novel, if I got to a point in the story where Victor needed to have a potato peeler in his pocket, I could go back a few chapters and have Vic grab one from the kitchen, just in case.  With the linear nature of What Zombies Fear, I can’t do that.  If Vic doesn’t have a potato peeler, he’s screwed.  Over the course of the 5 books, I’ve tossed in a lot of little things that I thought he (or I) might need someday, just in case.  Well, now’s the time to bring  out all the potato peelers.


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