The Tank

2011-03-07_17-25-32_51In March of 2011, My friend Barry and I put my 150 gallon aquarium in the wall of my (then) house.  It was the perfect wall to have a built in fish tank.  On one side of the wall was my unfinished laundry room with sink and drains, and the other was the den.  The tank is 8 feet wide, and 28″ high.  (Or deep, the water is 28″ deep).  It was amazing.

I’ve always wanted to have an aquarium built into a wall like that.  (Excuse the photo, it was still during construction, before the rest of the molding was added).  It was really beautiful when it was done.



20130302_175056Today I pulled it out of the wall and loaded it up in my truck, bound for the apartment.  I’m more sad about that than I expected, even though in reality that tank was a huge pain in the ass.  You couldn’t even feed the fish without a ladder, cleaning it was impossible, and it took up too much space in the laundry room.  But it was my thing.

Tomorrow I’ll make a couple more trips and then start getting everything cleaned up and polished so I can set it up in the apartment.   One of the reasons I picked this apartment was that there were two “perfect” places for a huge aquarium.  Ultimately it’ll go in the dining room, so I can watch it while I write and see it from the living room.  I love the work of setting up a new aquarium, of finding just the right layout that is both aesthetically pleasing and makes the fish happy.  I love getting the water flowing in all the right ways/places/directions to keep it clean and healthy for it’s inhabitants.  And I love to watch a beautiful aquarium.

So, that was my day.  It’s a good thing I wrote almost all of the first bit of WZF 6 yesterday, because there wasn’t any writing done today!  Maybe in a little bit, although I suspect it’s going to be an early to bed kind of night.  Tomorrow WZF 6 launches, I’m SO excited!!!


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