Tonight, 10pm (EST)

Tonight 03/03/2013 at 10pm est, the first chapter of What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation goes live, right after The Walking Dead.  I’m really grateful to all of you who read, you inspire us.  Tonight’s chapter is going to leave you asking some questions, especially if you’re a regular reader online.

The published version of book 5 has two chapters that didn’t appear on the blog, and they’re pretty big ones.  I can sum up by saying “Things went badly for Kris.”  The details you’ll have to work out for yourself or buy Declaration of War to read about.

To those of you who set WZF as your cover photo on facebook, as soon as I post the chapter I’ll do the drawing.  It’s not too late, anyone can still enter, just check out THIS POST for details on how you can enter to win a free autographed copy of Declaration of War.

therock-roidsIn other news, I started preliminary work on a What Zombies Fear video trailer.  It’s not going to be custom video footage, and I’m not very good at this, but it’ll be a fun learning process.  Hopefully the end result will be something I’m proud of.    It’ll probably suck like a Dyson on The Rock’s steroids but it’s all about having fun, right?


PS.  There’s a “Follow” button on the blog.  It’s cleverly hidden.  I’ll bet you can’t find it and click it!


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