Random Musings

It’s been a little while since i posted, mostly because I don’t really have any one thing to talk about.

Jack and Daddy

Jack and Daddy

First, I’m just off a fantastic 3 day stint with Jack.  We worked on writing and reading, manners, and most importantly following

directions.  His favorite thing int he world is playing Lego Batman on my Xbox.  It’s a constant struggle, because he wants to play (and would) from the moment he wakes up in the morning until the second he has to go to bed.  This morning, when I said “It’s time to turn it off and go to school, he put the controller down, said “Yes, Sir,” and turned it off.  No questions, no argument.  VICTORY!

He is such a good kid.  He does what he’s supposed to, mostly when he’s supposed to.  I’m so proud of my boy and how well he’s handling the big changes in his life, I can’t even begin to describe it.  We’ve had several conversations about those changes, he always impresses me with how perceptive he is.

aquariumThe giant tank is set up, has fishes living in it, and looks good.  It’s not great yet.  I still have so much work to do on that tank, but funds are limited and it’s already a giant cash sink.  I love having it though, I love staring at it while I write and work.  So peaceful!

It makes me really happy for a number of reasons, but mostly I like having it to tinker with.  I’m always a guy that does better when I have a project, and this one has dozens of little things I can do for not a lot of money or time.  Hooray for getting a feeling of accomplishment for an hour’s labor and $3.

wzf_autographAutographed copies of WZF are selling GREAT!  I wish I’d talked more about this last time I offered them.  The problem with facebook is that any given post by a page is only seen by about 10% of it’s audience.  Which means, in order for a message to be received by all 900 readers that like the FB page (Are you one of them?  Thank you!) I have to post something about it at least 10 times.  For those that are regulars on the page, they have to see it 10 different times.  If you’re interested in an autographed copy, please visit us on Facebook and send a message to the page, or you can post your interest in a comment at the bottom of this post.

This was emphasized to me by the number of “Is Book 5 available on amazon” posts I’ve gotten lately.  Every single post I’ve made in the last few days has had at least 1 person ask me when the 5th book will be on amazon.  Each time I answer the person.  And on the next post, someone different asks.  It’s a problem with Facebook and the “ticker” method that we consume information from there.  Most people don’t actually go to my page, they just see things in their news feed and like/comment.  Someone sees something from @WhatZombiesFear on their news feed, which reminds them they’ve been itching to read “Declaration of War”.  So they ask on that post, even though that post may be about something else entirely.  It’s nothing against my readers, it’s just the way facebook works.  And it’s something it’s taken me a while to understand.  Previously, in my head, I was thinking people would see something from WZF in their news feed and flip over to the page itself to read down through the last few items

What Zombies Fear, book 6The sixth book in the series “What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation” is off to a roaring start.  The action is heating up, this is going to be an intense book, and I believe a great close to the series.  I’m so excited to be writing it, and the ease with which it’s flowing.  I LOVE writing this series!


3 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. First of all, very nice tank… but on to something more important.

    Your fifth book of What Zombies Fear, is not coming up on Amazon.

    The same thing happened to author Chrissy Peebles when her fourth installment of The Zombie Chronicles was supposed to go on sale on Amazon, on March 7th.

    I knew it was supposed to be out, but when I checked that morning, I couldn’t find it.

    I searched using “The Zombie Chronicles”, “Chrissy Peebles”, and even the title of the installment – “Poisonous Serum”… couldn’t find it at all.

    I kept checking throughout the day, and into the evening… never showed up.

    I emailed Chrissy, and she said that she had noticed it too.

    A little while later, she emailed me, telling me that it was now on Amazon, and included a link to the book. I was able to access the book using the link she sent me, but doing the same searches as before brought up nothing.

    I emailed her back, and let her know, and she discovered the same thing. She told me that the direct link she had sent me, was the link that Amazon had sent her… that was the only way I was able to access and buy the book.

    It finally appeared on Amazon this morning. I emailed her to let her know, and she said “It must be because I bugged them at Author Central. LOL.”

    She said “It’s there, but nobody can access it. For some reason, we’re not linked to the search engines.”

    I had told her that I was experiencing the same problem with your new release, and she suggested that I contact you and let you know what’s going on, just in case you aren’t aware of the problem… “maybe tell Kirk his work isn’t in the Amazon search engine or isn’t showing up. He might not know.”

    Sorry for the long reply, I looked very hard to find an email address where you could be contacted, but couldn’t find one, and I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, or any of the other social media sites, and refuse to be.

    As of 7:50pm CST, your new installment is still not appearing!

    Just thought I’d let you know, if you didn’t already.

  2. By the way… I forgot to mention that I did the same type of searches for your book… “Kirk Allmond”, “What Zombies Fear”, “Declaration of War”, and even “Laura Bretz”… nothing.

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