Best Selling Author Kirk Allmond

This is a little bit of a vanity post, but I’m mostly posting to thank our readers for pushing us.

What Zombies Fear makes the top 100 on the Amazon Best Seller List

Holy cow, we’re on the Best Seller List!

Laura and I made it to the top 100 in the “horror” and “Paranormal” categories on Amazon’s lists today.  We’ve been to the #1 slot in horror on the free list, but being Amazon’s #1 Horror book in the paid category would be amazing, something I don’t ever expect.  To be ON the Amazon Best Sellers list is amazing.  It is truly a humbling experience.

Writing What Zombies Fear has been such an amazing experience for me.  The growth I’ve had as a writer over the course of the series is astounding.  I can see it in my own writing, the stories in the series just get (in my opinion) better with each volume.  In each book I’ve learned more about the craft of writing.

I have been working on a series of blog posts showing how I write.  The first one is tentatively called “How to Write Characters.” It’s important to keep in mind, I”m a nobody.  I’m just a guy who is figuring this out as I go.  I don’t claim to be the best ever.  I don’t claim to be a literary giant, I’m just a regular guy who wrote a couple books.

Sometimes, when I go to the google for research, I’m not looking for the super-pro advice, I just want to hear from the working guy.  That’s my thought behind the next series of blog posts.  I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you so much to the readers of What Zombies Fear for all your dedication, for keeping me motivated, and for sticking with us through this journey.  We have the best group of readers ever!

What Zombies Fear is available from Amazon for your kindle as well as in paperback.


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