Thinking. How Unproductive.

I’m in a position where  I have a lot of time alone.  I work from home, so at least 7 or so hours every day I’m completely by myself.  I seldom turn the TV on during the day, sometimes for an hour or so about lunch time, but most days it stays off until 5:30 or so.

Writers paralasys

I sit, with my laptop open and type most days.  Some days I’m writing about zombies.  Some days I’m writing about myself and my life in this blog, but some days I type very little.  Often I just think.

A few weeks ago I got this idea about how people would consider that folly.  It’s not earning any money.  It’s not helping to pay my unpaid bills.  (Speaking of, autographed copies of WZF are available, by the way.  Send me an email! Victor Tookes at Gmail dot com).  However, I justified to myself, isn’t that what being a writer (or any type of artist) is about?  Isn’t it my job to think?

I’ve been framing this thought about thinking.  I think we (modern people) think incorrectly.  We all think all day long.

  • I need to check my phone.
  • How am I going to answer this email.
  • What kind of witty response can I make to this facebook post.
  • What am I going to have for dinner.
  • How can I format this spreadsheet to display the numbers in a way that is favorable to my position.
  • Where do I have to stop on the way home from work today.
  • What is today’s blog post going to be about.

Kirk Allmond Thinking

All these things that run through our mind all day every day.  They occupy our time, they occupy our mind and make our lives feel full.  That’s the folly.  When was the last time any of us actually sat down and spent 30 minutes thinking about something we love?  When was the last time you afforded yourself 10 minutes of your precious time to do nothing but think about something important.  No distractions, no radio, no TV, no phone, no facebook?

Thinking is a beautiful thing.  Lets do more of it.


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