Pigeonholing Me as an Author

My friend Armand Rosamilia wrote a great blog today about being pigeonholed as a “Zombie Guy.”  Go read it, I’ll wait, the link opens a new window.

All done?

Captain Kirk's Evil Counterpart

Captain Kirk’s Evil Counterpart

This is a topic I struggled with some.  For years and years I’ve laughed at actors that complained about being typecast.  Being typecast means you’ve had a successful career acting.  It means people recognize you for a role you played, and in some way connected with that role, because it left a mark on them.  When you think of William Shatner, you think of James T. Kirk.  William Shatner has made an entire career of being Captain Kirk, and it’s been a pretty good one.

Hell, William Shatner is so ubiquitous as Captain Kirk, the only work he could find that was playing something OTHER than Captain Kirk was playing Captain Kirk’s evil twin.  (See photo, left)

I would LOVE to be typecast as a Zombie Author.  I don’t think Max Brooks is lamenting the fact that he is known for writing zombie books.  It also doesn’t mean that I can’t write anything else.  It just means that my passion is for zombies, and although I may go out and write a sci-fi novel or a true action epic, eventually I’ll come back around to zombies.

I love writing, and I will continue to write.  At some point, I’ll put out a couple of books I have working that aren’t zombie related.  I hope some of my readers will continue along with me, and I hope to meet, connect with, inspire, or otherwise have an effect on an entirely new audience too.

That’s why I write.  To make that connection to people.

–Kirk Allmond.  Zombie Guy.


3 thoughts on “Pigeonholing Me as an Author

  1. Of so soon we forget. William Shatner was also T. J. Hooker, Rescue 911 and was in the Practice and Boston Legal. But of course everyone remembers he iconic portrayal of James T. Kirk in the series and movies.
    Of course it’s better to be remembered for something to a lot of people you touch with your writing than no one. How many wanna be writers die quickly due to lack of a fan base in a very competitive market?
    Did Mary Shelby ever write anything besides Frankenstein?

    • When you saw Shatner as T.J. Hooker, you really saw Captain Kirk in a police officer’s uniform, didn’t you? Boston Legal was a fantastic role for him, but I will still admit to thinking “Wow, Kirk really let himself go” when I was watching that show.

      • Not really because I never saw the original series till Picard took over the Enterprise and then I watched the original series for the first time. For some reason my dad (who controlled the only TV we had (except when it was time for one of us to change the channel for him)) didn’t watch it and then I spent the next 20 years in the Navy.

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