Spam. It’s what’s for dinner.

Spam.  Spam, Spam, SPAM, Spam spam.

Spam is creeping its way into WordPress, what I had always considered the last bastion of spam-free internet.  Maybe it’s that Akismet does such a great job of controlling spam comments.  My page What Zombies Fear has had 7,980 spam comments blocked automatically by Akismet, with a 98.9% accuracy rate.  There is no getting around that software, so spammers have become more savvy.  Because life is a giant game of oneupsmanship. (Yes, that is now a word.  I am an officially licensed wordsmith.)

Since they are unable to comment on blogs, they’ve taken to creating their own blogs.  Then they go around and follow every single blog on WordPress.  Some people automatically follow people that follow them, so that’s one avenue.  Secondly, when these blogs try to comment on your page, some people are more likely to approve the comments because they come from a blog that appears to have some reasonable content.

Once a commenter has been approved to post on your blog, they can post there at will.  You only need to approve a user once, and they’re good for life.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Spam comment

A spam comment on my WordPress blog

If they do manage to weasel by Akismet, then this type of email shows up in the blog owner’s inbox.  The spammer has successfully reached me.  Now, this particular spammer clearly doesn’t speak english.  That’s the first clue.  The text of the comment reads:

I have read several excellent stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for
revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you set to create
this type of wonderful informative website.

Really, I’m flattered that you’ve enjoyed several excellent stuffs on my blog, but I surprise how a lot attempt you set to get me to click on your link.

Who falls for this shit?

My best blog-friend 1Pointperspective wrote a fantastic jab at the spammers here.  One spammer in particular, IBSHealthTeam read his post and commented back.  They had the most wonderful feigned outrage.  They posted the same drivel to every commenter.  And 1point gets a lot of comments, unlike my poor blog where no one ever does.  (Why don’t you comment? Do you hate fun?  Commenting is fun!)

Part of this post is to apologize to my blog-friend 1point.  You see, IBSHealthTeam left such a fantastic opening, I just couldn’t resist replying to their comment.  It was a reasonably witty (Nothing compared to what Mr. Perspective could have written) reply full of poop and other IBS related jokes.  I forgot, however, that I was a guest on his blog.  In my zeal to be funny, I didn’t think about the fact that it was his house and I was stealing his thunderous applause with my mediocre attempt at witty repartee.

He did pen an official follow up blog here called “An Open Letter to the IBSHealthTeam”.   It, like every other post 1pointperspective makes is hilarious.  And serious.  And hilarious again.  Seriously.  Follow his blog, unless you’re a spammer.

PS.  Leave comments.  They make me all googly inside.


7 thoughts on “Spam. It’s what’s for dinner.

  1. how to write a book commented on my blog too. It was something like this: This is my first go to see here i am actually happy to read all at once place. What does that mean???

  2. No need for apologies – those knuckleheads desreve all the crap we can shovel their way – which is ironic, since they have irritated bowels and crap is never far from their minds.

  3. Does anybody else get span from someone called “tag heur” or “mushroom ragatoli”. Haha, it was flattering at first then I started getting suspicious then disappointed then I just started to find it funny.

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