5 Things that Don’t Suck

I haven’t been blogging much, and that’s usually a sign that things are going really well over here at Casa Allmond.  Since things are good, I thought I’d compile my list of 5 Things that Don’t Suck.

5.  Being an Author

All the essentials for maximum productivity as an author.

All the essentials for maximum productivity as an author.

While typically, on the day-to-day, being an author does suck, on the whole, it’s pretty awesome.  Every day, I get up, attend to my long list of social networking and marketing chores.  One of these days when I either a) hit it big, or b) retire (My euphemism for “get a real job) I might never visit facebook again.  Some days it really is work.  Then there are the myriad blogs I maintain, and blog posts to write.  I write at least a little bit on some post for some blog every day.  I don’t think I could write 6 blog posts every day.  I just don’t have that much to say.  Then I get to the writing of books, the thing that pays my rent.  I try to write 2000 words every day.  If I accomplished that goal, I would put out a 100,000 word novel every 3 months.  So you can tell that doesn’t happen.  Although, many days I get close.

That part of it, the *doing* of it sucks.  But the perks of my job, the being my own boss, the being able to do my job as I sit here in beautiful south Florida under a tiki hut with clear skies and a light heart…  That part does NOT suck.

4.  Margaritas.

Margarita on the beach

Margarita on the beach

Is it the perfect beverage? It might be, if you discount Diet Mountain Dew and Yuengling.  I’m not sure I could pick a favorite among those three, but I can tell you that Margaritas get better depending on the situation in which you are enjoying one.  For instance, if one were stuck on a glacier with no food or other water.  A margarita would be delicious, but not AS delicious as if one were sitting pool side in the Caribbean listening to steel drums or Jimmy Buffet.  But, if you’re sitting on a glacier (Am I the only one that hears Bear Grylls say “Glass-yer” every time you see that word?) you have plenty of water.  Like good old-school water from a million years ago without pollution.  But, on the whole, margaritas don’t suck.

3.  Vacation.

For a very long time, when I was in my previous  arrangement, vacation would have made the list of things I do while wishing I was instead removing my own thumbnails with my teeth.  My “regular” life is scheduled almost to the minute.  The last thing I want when I’m on vacation is an itinerary.  I want to do whatever strikes, when the mood strikes.  That’s the point of  The Vaycay.  Itineraries suck.  Schedules suck.  Vacation, on the other hand, is a glorious respite from micromanagement.  Well, now it is.

3.  Coffee and a Camel.

Two things that just go together.  Both are pretty good individually, but something about the sum of the two parts is better than the whole.   I’m sure I’m annoying the anti-smoker nazi’s out there, but hell.  I annoy a lot of people every day.

2.  Grilled Food.

Grilled Avocado eggs, biscuits and sausages.

Grilled Avocado eggs, biscuits and sausages.2.   Grilled food.

Everything is better when cooked on a grill.  From the traditional burgers and dogs to more advanced grilling like quesadillas, eggs, and sausage biscuits, I have yet to find something that isn’t better cooked on a grill.  My brother is a master grillman, this morning as I write there are eggs, sausage, and various other breakfast delights on the grill.

(About an hour later, I’m pleased as hell to announce that grilled avocado eggs, biscuits and sausages is just about the best breakfast of all time.

Skimboarding at Pompano Beach

Skimboarding at Pompano Beach

1.  The Beach

What is it about sitting at the beach that I love so much?  By all accounts, it should be something that bores me to tears.  You go to the beach, lay on a towel (or in a chair), and do practically nothing.  Maybe that’s what I like about it, the nothing time lets my brain disengage and process all the stories I have in my head.  Maybe it’s the sound of the waves, or the ocean smell, or the constant breeze in my face, I have some weird draw to the ocean.  If I haven’t been in salt water in a few months, it’s an incessant need in my head.  I guess I really am a Pisces.  Or maybe it’s the people watching.  There is always some interesting conversation to overhear, a game of volleyball or surfers to watch.


3 thoughts on “5 Things that Don’t Suck

  1. Another thing that sucks, making a list of six items even if you were only obligated to make five. I can’t argue with any of your choices, though I recently quit coffee and never smoked, I understand the reflective, deep thought which that coffee-Camel combo creates.

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