Summer of Zombies- Armand Rosamilia

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The Summer of Zombies Blog tour rolls on! One of my favorite authors, Armand Rosamilia stopped by and answered some  questions.



How do you come up with a character’s personality, and what tricks do you use to stay in character when writing?  As an author, sometimes I find myself reading something that one character said, and realizing it doesn’t sound like that person at all…




I try to find three unique things about each character, even if I don’t use them in the story. It gives me a base for them and usually is enough to get the feel for their personality and their motives when it comes to the story. If that doesn’t work I put on reality TV and use the first person I see.



Kirk:  When you read, do you prefer `one strong character or more of an ensemble cast?  (IE, the difference between Iron Man and Avengers)

Armand”: It depends on the story. I just want one or more strong characters, period. Give me something interesting to read. It works if all the characters in an ensemble interest me, but a stereotypical or cliché member will take me out of the story and ruin it for me.

Kirk: What advice would you offer to someone who is new to writing?  And Ixnay on the “write every day” advice, I’ve given that one a bazillion times myself.

Armand: The best advice I ever got: start drinking heavily. Damn you, the write every day advice is such a cliché but it’s the best answer. Practice your craft and read everything you can get your hands on and learn what others are doing right and wrong. And drink.

Kirk: Have you ever written a leading character of the opposite sex? What challenges did you find in doing that, or if you have not, what has kept you from doing so?

Armand:  Darlene Bobich in the Dying Days zombie series was my first serious attempt at a strong female lead, and at first she was challenging to write. I got more into her head with each story, and she’s my favorite character to write. Dying Days 3 just came out, and she’s already telling me where Dying Days 4 is going to lead her…

Kirk: Could you ever write a “good-guy” type character that was unattractive?

Armand: If that was what was needed, I hope I could. I like writing characters that aren’t cliché or boring, but what if he’s supposed to be? Interesting… gotta go write an unattractive good guy now…

Kirk: Are you a “Zombie Author4Lyfe” or are you multi-genre?  How do you keep from getting type-cast and/or pigeonholed?

Armand:  I feel I am pigeonholed as a zombie writer right now, but I am slowly breaking out of it. I hope. As much as I love to write about zombies, I want people to know I have other stories in horror, thrillers and even contemporary fiction. I hope more people will read them, but I am grateful for the huge zombie fan-base that does read my work.

Kirk: Do you think it’s possible to write a ‘unique’ story with the classic Romero style undead?

Armand: Yes, of course. But you need to be a great writer to do it. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with zombies (or anything else) but you need to be a great writer to keep people entertained.

 Kirk: What is the name of your latest book, and where can people find it?

Armand: Dying Days 3 is available on Amazon, Kobo, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, and can be found in most massage parlors and at Eminem concerts.

Kirk: What is your next project?  How will we know when it is available?

Armand: I’m working on quite a few things right now… I try to keep busy. Look for Dying Days: Origins, a new horror novel, Death Cult: Death Metal 2, Hell’s Bells: Highway To Hell 2, and so much more… and you can find me at for the latest information

Kirk: Where can people read more, find out more, or contact you?

Armand:The website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media place… I am quite the media whore. I love to talk with people.

Armand Rosamilia


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