What Zombies Fear: Legion

First: Watch this video.  Then I’ll try to give as much detail as possible.

Alright.  So, that’s the gist of it.  Instead of writing the final book of What Zombies Fear from only Victor’s viewpoint, it didn’t seem fair to all of the other groups of survivors that help.  Victor and his crew are at the center of the battle for humanity, but they aren’t the only players.  In fact there are several more groups like Victor’s that play a part in the final battle.

I’ve been stuck writing “The Incarnation” because there wasn’t a way to tell the story without introducing so many new characters.  And then, there wasn’t a way to introduce so many new characters and make their lives have meaning without telling their stories.  So, with What Zombies Fear: LEGION. Laura and I will introduce you to these other people, starting from the beginning.

The story of Vanessa Ridolfi.

The story of Vanessa Ridolfi.

The first book of this new “Adjacent” series will introduce readers to Vanessa Ridolfi, and a couple of other people.  Victor and Max have a cameo in the book, but are not a major part.  If you have read through Victor’s storyline, you will recognize some of the places, people, and events, but you don’t have to have read those books in order to start here, with Vanessa.

Book 1 of LEGION starts off on That Day.  The Day Victor saw a man eaten in front of his favorite bagel shop.  The day Victor abandoned everything in his life to get his son and wife to Virginia.  That Day, the Day Victor lost his wife, and Max lost his mother.  The Day that turned Victor into the machine he is now.

While all of that is happening to Victor, LEGION Book 1 is Vanessa’s perspective on the apocalypse.


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