Permuted Platinum & What Zombies Fear

My publisher, Permuted Press, has just launched a new imprint, “Permuted Platinum.”
Permuted is, without a doubt, the authority on post-apocalyptic and zombie fiction.  With amazing authors like J.L. Bourne, Jacqueline Druga, Craig DiLouie, and Iain McKinnon, I felt like I was walking with giants, even before the announcement of Permuted Platinum.


One day soon! Inside Books A Million.


Ebook sales are huge, there is no doubt.  There are loads of fantastic authors who are making millions of dollars in e-books.  But I’ve always had a desire to walk into a bookstore somewhere and see a copy of my own book.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I read “Ebook sales account for only 30% of books sold” that I really understood what I was missing.  I’ve done REALLY well with ebooks, and I am blessed to have been in the right place at the right time a number of times.   The thought of opening up a new market that is twice as big as the ebook market, and has fewer players?  How could that NOT be good?

39,000 copies of What Zombies Fear right next to the Ark of the Covenant.

It does represent a massive learning curve for me.  I’m pretty good at marketing, but I know nothing about selling print books. I haven’t sold many paperback copies, and those I have sold were mostly sold by me at conventions.  I love a challenge, and this is a huge one.  This is a sink-or-swim kind of challenge.  If permuted buys 40,000 copies of What Zombies Fear, and then gets stuck with warehouse full of 39,999 of them (I’ll buy a copy of my own book…) the chances of me ever getting another deal is less than zero.  I have been a full-time author for almost two years now, the idea of going back to work for Corporate America is terrifying.

I’m not a guy who shrinks from a challenge. After all, it was a simple challenge that started this whole ball rolling.  “I bet you think you could do better,” he said three years ago.  Now, I think I can say, “I did.”

On to the next phase of this career.  I do love a good challenge!


4 thoughts on “Permuted Platinum & What Zombies Fear

    • Thanks Toby 🙂 It’s a huge responsibility, but I feel like i’m up to the challenge. And certainly, with The Maxists in my corner, how could I not succeed? Laura and I have the best readers in the world!

  1. Awesome stuff, Kirk. This is a great article all round. The use of the Ark of the Covenant was inspired. But yeah, I don’t think you have any real problems. I think you’re going to hit the ground running then turn into the Flash.

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