Facebook is dead. And it was suicide.

The What Zombies Fear page on Facebook

The What Zombies Fear page on Facebook

Like so many of us, I spent years building up a faithful facebook following for my page http://www.facebook.com/WhatZombiesFear

Due to recent changes in the algorithm, essentially forcing pages to pay for their content to be seen, that work is now worthless.  I have a small page, I dont’ do any of the typical things to grow my page.  I don’t promote it, I don’t ask for share-for-share trades.  The only way people find out about my facebook page is by reading my books.  And that’s just the way I like it.  My facebook page was the group of most dedicated readers.  Those who liked my writing well enough to search me out and follow my page.

Now, Facebook has changed it so that of my 1500 “likes”, less than 50 see any given post that I make.  And then they throw a “pay for more of your fans to see what you post” option in my face at every single turn.

boost_postThe problem, as I see it, is not that facebook wants to make money.  I understand that, and I understand that “boost post” is a very profitable way for them to do that.  The problem is WHO is willing/able to pay $30 or $50 dollars per post.  As an avid facebook user, I don’t want to see the posts by large corporations who have a huge promotional budget who can afford to pay to put their posts in my newsfeed.  What I want to see are posts from pages I choose.  Because I like that content in my newsfeed.

Facebook has taken control of my newsfeed from me, and put it in the hands of the holder of the deepest wallet.

I was fine when facebook wanted to put EXTRA stuff in my newsfeed.  But when they started to take away things I chose to see, that’s when I started the long process of abandoning everything I’d worked for on the social network.

I guess the difference is that I always thought of my newsfeed as mine.  And Facebook believes it is theirs.  I believe I should control what I see or don’t see in my newsfeed, and they believe they should be in control.

It’s their website. It’s their brand.  They can do whatever they want with it, but what they’ve done has killed any interest I’ve had in visiting facebook.  And I’m not the only one.  Thousands of pages have given up.  Pages I once looked at daily or multiple times per day have given up posting.  It’s gotten harder and harder for me to engage with my audience via facebook, and now i’m close to just quitting all together in favor of better ways to reach and engage my readers.

Is this the final nail in the coffin? Probably not.  But it’s a big one.  It’s the start of the long, downward death spiral.  It won’t be as fast as the death of Myspace, which seemed to happen practically overnight.  But it’s the end of days for facebook and this feels like a desperate attempt to eek the last bit of profit out of a dead corpse.


9 thoughts on “Facebook is dead. And it was suicide.

    • In the images in the post, you can see I have 1533 likes on my page, and in the boost post image you can see 29 people ‘saw’ it.
      And they want me to pay so that more people will see it. People who have liked my page because they want to see what I have to say. If they don’t want to see it, they can just unfollow me. But facebook has taken control of our newsfeeds from us. That’s the biggest problem.

  1. Facebook is turning into a twitter/pinterest site anyway… it’s rhe quick and the now… the “shit its over 100 words and I jave to reaf ot to gey point”…. the “I dont have time to read this, I still jave an hour left of lunch to catch up on facebook picutres amd statuses”

    Ive edited my setting for all the pages so I see everypost. (Or at least see it in my notifications). This is the only way ive managed not to miss a thing..

    Im fading from Facebook, because the pages I follow are fading…. all ot will be soon is a website where I store a 4th backup of my photos.

    • The problem is that the lack of facebook leaves a real hole in my marketing. And that’s a huge lesson-learned from me. No more reliance on any other company who can arbitrarily change the rules to be the hub of my marketing efforts.
      Facebook took over “the internet” (in terms of forums, instant messaging, and personal web space). But I believe the Internet will win the war.

  2. My marketing on Facebook is meager at best, but then, so is my blog. As far as my experience looking at it, there is so much chest-thumping, look-at-me shlock from my so-called friends, that finding things of interest is getting to be more trouble than it’s worth.

    • Oh my god. I’ve been graced by a comment from the amazing 1point! I can now consider 2014 a “made” year.
      I agree with you, but I would much rather wade through the drivel to find a gem myself than have Facebook control what I see.

      All 8 of you who read this blog should go read 1PointPerspective. His wit and humor is as sharp as the blinding shine from the top his head on a sunny day.

      • Doesn’t take much to make your year, huh?
        Thanks for the plug. My Holiday Greetings from the Zombie Apocalypse is still chugging along – though the illustration aspect of it is still bogging the project down.

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