Remnants: The Colcoa Wars Volume 1 June 28, 2014

Remnants by Kirk AllmondI’ve just received confirmation from my publisher, Permuted Press, that Remnants will officially launch on June 28, 2014. This book has been a long time coming, I originally started it for my 2012 NANOWRIMO project.  After Nano, it sat at 50,000 words for almost six months before I picked it up again.

In a flash of inspiration, I found the direction for it. The characters gelled, the story became clear, and the world clicked into place.  More importantly, the theme of the book came into focus. With the message clear, it only took a few quick re-writes of earlier bits and  I finished the book in a few weeks.  I sent it to several publishers, and based on the strength of this book, signed an eight book deal with Permuted Press.  It was based on the strength of Remnants that we worked out this agreement, and they bought my entire back catalog.

If you’d like an email reminder when Remnants is available for purchase, please sign up for my mailing list. I *only* use it for emailing out new book announcements, so you’ll only get a few emails per year. I promise.  Sign up here.

This book is a very different writing style than What Zombies Fear. Willa is a teenage girl. She shares some heroic qualities with Victor, but she is has a completely different set of motivations and goals.  You will absolutely recognize my signature style of writing, character driven stories

Remnants is the bridge between What Zombies Fear and The Evolution of Vaughn.  If you haven’t read “Vaughn” Now’s the time! It’s on sale for only 99 cents!


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