Remnants is blazing up the charts on Goodreads. People are voting for it on Listopia lists like “Original Stories…a breath of fresh air” “Best Teen/Young Adult Books” and another one called “Books You Must Read!

If you use Goodreads, be sure to stop by and send a friend request. I love new people and you’ll find I rate/review books pretty fairly.

Here’s the synopsis of Remnants:
After the Colcoa stripped earth of all of her natural resources and left, the planet’s average temperature soared as the population dwindled down to the thousands. The few humans that survived the invasion are forced to live underground to escape the oppressive heat. Joe, his daughter Willa, and son Ezekiel are among the few brave enough to venture outside to gather food and supplies in the arid, rocky landscape. Their job is to bring enough food, water, and materials for their town to survive the summer in the cool caves of Red River Falls. 

The world outside isn’t safe. Genetically altered animals, experimented on by the Colcoa, roam the surface. When a pack of experimental grizzly bears attack the family, Willa’s life is altered forever. What she learns on her journey will change the world. 

Together with her new friend Xander, Willa will explore their world and uncover clues that lead her through a doorway into the unknown.

If you haven’t read Remnants yet, I think you’re really going to like it.  I’ve had a couple people say that they don’t want to read anything else until What Zombies Fear is completed, and I get that.  What Zombies Fear 6: The Incarnation is happily waiting in the hands of my publisher for it’s release date.  It is complete, I have no control over it’s release date.  Since it’s finished, I, as a writer, have to move on to new projects.  That’s how I make a living.  But I’ll never be “done” with What Zombies Fear.  There are still hundreds of books I could write in that universe.

In order to help the fans wait until the October release of “The Incarnation” I have written a Victor Tookes Adventure short story titled “The Murphy Incident.”  Please feel free to check it out to get your “WZF Fix”.  It felt really good to write, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

If you’d like to check out Remnants, the Permuted Press page has links to every retailer.


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