What Zombies Fear 5 Declaration of War

  1. The cover of Kirk Allmond's 5th book What Zombies Fear: Declaration of War

    5. Declaration of War

    Gander Acres

  2. Gander Acres part 2
  3. Departure
  4. Water
  5. Darkness
  6. Prime
  7. Victor is Lost

36 thoughts on “What Zombies Fear 5 Declaration of War

      • well i just thought(originally) that that book would be about the entire trip to johns family, getting his family, and going home. so in my opinion it was an interesting time to book jump but everyone has there own opinion so do what you want it’s you book not mine. I’m just along for the ride 🙂

      • “originally” book 3 was about the trip to get John’s family. They left 10 chapters into book 3.

        Wait until you see what happens on the way home in book 5 :p

      • I am absolutley infatuated with this story. I can hardly contain my anticipation for the next chapter/book. I have purchased every book and read them from beginning to end without putting them down. The story is captivating and full of suspense. I have to admit that I am addicted and enjoy them immensely. I was a little disappointed book 4 wasn’t longer, it went by way too quick. Write faster!

      • Interestingly enough, 4 was only 5000 words shorter than 2 and 1. 3 was just much longer, AND had a short story included. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!

    • We’ve written 9 chapters out of about 35 planned. At this point, we’re hopeful of a mid-october publication date, although it’s still really early to nail that down. If you like the facebook page, I’ll talk about the release date pretty often as we get closer and closer.

  1. Cheers for the series, was hooked from book one and devoured the others. Cannot wait until book 5 is out on Kindle, although i can see my work taking a nose dive as i shunt it to one side in order to finish the book. Have been almost unable to put the books down once i started. Thanks for a great trip.

  2. Absolutely love this series! Interested in Shawn’s story… and sadly, The Walking Dead on AMC has lost some of it’s allure. If this series was televised, I’d watch WZF over TWD hands down!

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  4. just completed the books 1-4 and am looking for 5 and 6..does anyone know if they are out yet….great books and would love to read the conclusions..thanx

  5. I love the series! I just devoured the first 4 books in a couple weeks. Which is an accomplishment as a busy father of 3. I had troulbe putting them down. Question: Did I miss something in book 4 – what happened to the women that Renee rescued from Fort Hood. I thought they would have been in the truck.

  6. Your books are fabulous!! I can’t put them down. That being said, please know that this is not my normal type of reading I enjoy, and you have me hooked. I just finished Declaration of War and can’t wait to read the The Incarnation. When is it due to come out?

    • Thank you so much for the compliments! I hope you’ll leave me reviews on Amazon.
      There is some complexity to the release of The Incarnation. I’ll have an update on the main page here in just a few minutes.

    • I just signed a deal with Permuted Press. All of my books are being (slightly) re-worked and will be re-published under the Permuted banner. The goal is that they’ll be back on the market in less than 90 days.

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